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Can AI diagnose mental conditions within a single conversation?[hackathon][deep learning][cognition]Jan 2024@ Brainhack Warsaw
Don’t fight, flight (or freeze) your body and emotions[soft skills][HN]Feb 2021
Perspective: capsaicin is a psychoactive substance[cognition][HN]Oct 2022
king - man + woman is queen; but why?[tech][data science][cognition][HN]Jan 2017
Learning Deep Learning with Keras[tech][data science][deep learning][HN]Apr 2017
Embodiment for nerds[soft skills][neurodiversity][personal][HN]Sep 2021
Data science intro for math/phys background[tech][data science][data viz]Mar 2016
Simple diagrams of convoluted neural networks[tech][deep learning][data viz]Sep 2018
DALL·E 2 and transcendence - generating esoteric images with AI[deep learning][arts][cognition]Jul 2022
Saunowe ukojenie w lesie[personal][neurodiversity][interview][po polsku]Apr 2023@ Kamila Tokarska Spotify
Genesis 1 but every word begins with 'A' - with GPT4[deep learning][arts]May 2023
What's new in Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap - Oct 2022[tech][quantum][data viz]Oct 2022@ Quantum Flytrap
Naturalność nagości / akceptacja ciała / wirtualność zasad społecznych[soft skills][po polsku]Apr 2021
There are no projects like side projects[personal][HN]Jan 2015@ Scientia Crastina
Polacy walczą o „cyfrowego Oskara”[tech][quantum][interview][po polsku]Apr 2023@ Maciej Kawecki YouTube
Metal bands bring happiness (as chocolate brings Nobel Prizes)[data science][data viz]Jan 2023
AI won’t make artists redundant - thanks to information theory[tech][data science][arts][HN]Feb 2023
Dating for nerds (part 2): gender differences[soft skills][dating][neurodiversity][HN]Sep 2017
Co chciałbym wiedzieć wcześniej o ADHD[soft skills][neurodiversity][po polsku]Sep 2022
Quantum mechanics for high-school students[education][tech][quantum]Aug 2016
Dating for nerds (part 1): problem diagnosis[soft skills][dating][neurodiversity]Jul 2017
ADHD tech stack: auto time tracking[soft skills][neurodiversity]May 2020
What is the role of the logarithm in Shannon entropy?[data science][maths]Mar 2015@ Cross Validated Stack Exchange
Closing Quantum Flytrap[personal][quantum]Oct 2022@ Quantum Flytrap
New blog - moving from Medium to Gridsome[tech]Dec 2022
Doom 2016 vs Doom Eternal: UI side-by-side[tech][games]Mar 2020
An edgy intro to graphs of interpersonal relationships[maths][data viz][dating][tech]Mar 2019
How I learned to stop worrying and love the types & tests[tech][programming]Mar 2020
Quantum Flytrap - Shaping the Future of Quantum DevTools[interview][quantum]Jul 2022@ Startups Shaping the Future of Computing
Tinder anecdata and Sankey diagrams[dating][data viz]Apr 2019
Quantum logic gates for a single qubit, interactively[quantum][maths][data viz][tech]Apr 2021@ Quantum Flytrap
Dreams, Drugs & ConvNets[deep learning][cognition]Jul 2019
D3.js workshop at ICM for KFnrD[education][event][tech]Feb 2016
Does AI have a dirty mind, too?[tech][deep learning][cognition]Apr 2019@ Medium
Gossiping Commons[personal][arts][HN]Apr 2019
“The Statues” by Jacek Kaczmarski[arts]Oct 2019
After PyData Warsaw 2017[event][data science]Nov 2017
Exploring human vs machine learning (one blogpost at a time)[deep learning][cognition]Jul 2019
Games in which you walk (and get immersed)[personal][games]Jun 2019
Cloak & dagger creativity camp[event][personal][soft skills]Jun 2019
Keras or PyTorch as your first deep learning framework[tech][deep learning][HN]Jun 2018@ deepsense.ai blog
Support my open-source work and blog posts[personal]Oct 2019@ GitHub Sponsors
To make a cool game, you first have to play other cool games[quantum][games]Aug 2019@ Quantum Game Medium
There will be the next Quantum Game with Photons[games][personal]Jul 2019
!!con or doing inclusivity well[event][soft skills]Aug 2017
Helping exceptionally gifted children in Poland[education][personal]Aug 2016@ Scientia Crastina
Keras vs. PyTorch: Alien vs. Predator recognition with transfer learning[tech][deep learning]Oct 2018@ deepsense.ai blog
Human log loss for image classification[tech][data science][deep learning]Sep 2017@ deepsense.ai blog
From customer segmentation to recommendation systems[tech][data science]Aug 2018@ AI Trends
Starting deep learning hands-on: image classification on CIFAR-10[tech][deep learning]Nov 2017@ deepsense.ai blog
Autistic traits, science and the nerd stereotype[soft skills][neurodiversity]Feb 2016@ Scientia Crastina
What I do or: science to data science[data science][personal]Dec 2015
My impressions from PyData Berlin 2016[event][data science]May 2016
An independent camp for high school geeks[education]Aug 2012@ Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne
The first post: why Jekyll?[personal][tech]Dec 2015
Prawdopodobieństwo a informacja[maths][po polsku]Nov 2015@ Popularnonaukowy miesięcznika "Delta"
Two heads are better than one. How about more?[cognition][maths]Jan 2014@ Theory, Evolution, and Games Group
arXiv vs MathOverflow - popularity of disciplines[data viz][data science][maths]Jul 2015@ MathOverflow Meta
Quantum Superposition[quantum][maths][tech]Mar 2015@ Azimuth, John Baez's blog
Drogowskaz Pasjonata[education][po polsku]Feb 2011@ Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne
How to improve myself as a lecturer?[education][academia]Aug 2014@ Academia Stack Exchange
Open Science and Science 2.0[academia]Aug 2012@ Offtopicarium
Why are papers without code but with results accepted?[academia][tech]Jun 2014@ Academia Stack Exchange
Zapaleńcy i wypaleńcy, czyli o utracie pasji w trakcie studiów[soft skills][academia][personal][po polsku]Feb 2010@ migdal.wikidot.com
How to stop feeling guilty about the unfinished work?[academia][soft skills]Mar 2014@ Academia Stack Exchange
Why use version control systems for writing a paper?[academia][tech]Feb 2013@ Academia Stack Exchange
Mafia, zdradziecka parzystość oraz pi[maths][po polsku]Jul 2010@ Popularnonaukowy miesięcznika "Delta"