Piotr Migdał

Piotr Migdał /pjɔtr ˈmig.daw/ - a curious being, doctor of sorcery.

Professionally: I provide consulting and contract services in AI (focusing on user-facing applications), quantum computing, data visualization, and related technologies.

Previously: Co-founder & CTO of Quantum Flytrap, deep learning consultant, data viz specialist, quantum physics PhD. More in my resume.

Personally: I dance balfolk and fusion. I do weekly sauna rituals, among trees, ponds and streams. A bit more on my journey in this post. I massage to release emotional tensions, see more at Kwantowy Dotyk.

Here: I invite you to read my stuff, take a look at my projects, skim abstracts of my academic publications.

Socially: I love emails, and it is the preferred way to approach me, pmigdal@gmail.com. GitHub is my favorite social network, and here are my repos, including the source code of this website.

See also my other accounts: personal Facebook, professional LinkedIn, sporadically-used Instagram, Twitter and Mastodon, and my vast link hoard at Pinboard.

A photo of Piotr Migdał