My open projects with a certain overrepresentation of D3.js data visualizations (easy to share, easy to explain, eye-candy). For contract work, take a look at my Resume.

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Repos, events I organized, etc

  • Quantum Flytrap
    An accessible user interface for quantum computing, with real-time feedback.
  • bra-ket-vue
    A Vue-based visualization of quantum states and operations. With Klem Jankiewicz.
  • Quantum Game 2
    At Centre for Quantum Technologies. A puzzle game with photons, two photons. With Klem Jankiewicz, Philippe Cochin, Chiara Decaroli et al.
  • Quantum Tensors JS
    TypeScript package for sparse tensor operations on complex numbers. With Philippe Cochin.
  • Tree of Reddit Sex Life
    D3.js hierarchy visualization of the Reddit 'NSFW ImageNet'
  • Gossiping Commons
    Don't tell alike and no author please licenses.
  • Which Machine Learning algorithm are you?
    Drawing classifiers - a didactic project. In Vue.js. With Kasia Kańska.
  • Thinking in Tensors, Writing in PyTorch
    A hands-on deep learning introduction, from pieces. In Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Map of Polish Composers
    D3.js programing for a project with Kordian Klecha.
  • In Browser AI
    A community sharing knowledge how to bring deep learning demos of your research papers, commercial or side projects to the browsers.
  • Weltschmerz by age
    I am X years old and... [Google autocomplete]
  • Interactive Machine Learning List
    A collaborative list of interactive Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Stats websites
  • livelossplot
    Live training loss plot in Jupyter Notebook for Keras, PyTorch and other frameworks.
  • Trypophobia Image Detector - Browser Plugin using Deep Learning
    A deep learning project by Artur Puzio and Grzegorz Uriasz made as part of an internship at sponsored by The Polish Children's Fund and supervised by Piotr Migdał.
  • Quantum Game with Photons
    Play with photons, superposition and entanglement. With true quantum mechanics underneath.
  • Science-based games
    A collaborative notepad with educational and science games.
  • 3DFlu - CENT, University of Warsaw
    Interactive exploration of hemagglutinin proteins of influenza virus type A.
  • Ritu-Blah-Blau (Global Game Jam)
    Like posts, add friends and watch your step! PolyJam honourable mention for innovation.
  • Nałogi: co dają, czemu zapobiegają - graf słów
    Addictions and motivations - a wordcloud-like coincidence graph (in Polish)
  • 7.5 kadencji
    Sankey plot of Polish parliament flows in the last 26 years.
  • Analiza i wizualizacja danych maturalnych, DELab UW
    Polish high school final exams - analysis (in Polish).
  • Szkoła letnia analizy danych 2015, DELab UW
    Materials from Summer School of Data Analysis for Sociologists (IPython Notebooks, in Polish).
  • TagOverflow
    Interactive graph of Stack Exchange tag coincidence.
  • Fellows and alumni of the Polish Children's Fund
    Map of Poland with locations and interests of KFnrD fellows.
  • Qubism in QuTiP
    Self-similar visualization of many-body wavefunctions in a quantum Python package.
  • Themes and colors of Wolne Lektury books
    Visualizations of metadata from a public domain set of Polish books.
  • 256 Tags of Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange network
    Static coincidence graphs for Stack Exchange Q&A sites.
  • Offtopicarium
    An unconference - all participants are speakers and there are not off-topics.
  • Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne
    A summer camp math/phys/cs camp for high schools students.