Piotr Migdał

The first post: why Jekyll?

2 December 2015 | by Piotr Migdał | 1 min read

Why a blog?

I decided to start a blog. I am not new to writing things - just this time I want to have my place for it. (Very likely I will continue to do cuckoo-style blog posting.)

Why Jekyll?

Jekyll is a static page generator. It's supported by GitHub, so there is no extra effort in starting or maintaining it. And:

My site migdal.wikidot.com is probably staying (at least - for some time). But for the further texts I prefer something cleaner, simpler.

See also:

What's going there?

I have in mind some entires on data science, academia and education. Also, I want to:

How often do I want to post?

I make no claims. But expect more of a "once a few months" than anything more frequent.

I see typoes and erorrs

So, raise an issue or even submit a pull request. In general, code for posts is here.