Quantum Game moves to the next stage. And we are hiring!

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Quantum Game is hiring: JavaScript Developer

We are looking for a JavaScript Developer for the Quantum Game - an in-browser science-based game, and an educational platform. We have a mission to make quantum mechanics fun and accessible, worldwide! You will work in a remote team of about 7 people with various backgrounds (physics, design, science communication, arts, and programming), for a 2+ year project - we just got a European grant GameINN and start this September!

Compensation depends on your skill and experience, from the range 13000 - 22000 PLN/month on a job contract (“umowa o pracę”). It’s 9777-16412 PLN/month after taxes (for Polish tax rates). Your job title will be FrontEnd Developer or Lead GameDev, respectively.

Your first tasks will involve adopting the current state of Quantum Game, so it works on mobile devices, writing end-to-end tests, adding game options (e.g. volume), and making level sharing smoother.

Core requirements:

We don’t expect you to know quantum mechanics :). At the same time, we do expect experience with interactive media (GameDev, data visualization, dashboards).

Current tech stack is TypeScript + Vue.js + SVG + jest + yarn + Firebase. It will evolve with the project, depending on the gameplay, artistic vision, and your expertise. If it turns out that it is more efficient to use WebGL, we will do so. (Expect for TypeScript; we love TypeScript and it stays.).

Bonus points for:


If you are interested, send an email to pmigdal+qgjs@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include:

We believe that creativity needs honesty, openness, and kindness. We are open to adjustments for your needs (e.g. education, parenting, health, lifestyle, etc.). We do our best to make this project inclusive. Our default communication tool is Basecamp and we do like asynchronous communication.

Some other team members are: Piotr Migdał, Klem Jankiewicz, Philippe Cochin and Chiara Decaroli. The general vision stays the same.