Complex matrix visualization

Complex matrix visualization with BraKetVue - an interactive article in Distill RMarkdown

Piotr Migdał (Quantum Flytrap) , Klem Jankiewicz (Quantum Flytrap)

Some intro notes on matrix viz and its importance. Etc, etc.

E.g. “quantum lorem ipsum” (using

Quantum mechanics is a powerful, revolutionary system of ideas that are fundamentally changing our view of the universe and the universe itself. It is, to use a common term, the “singularity of science” and it has a profound impact on all aspects of our lives and on everything we do." (4) The problem with the Sing ularity is that it creates uncertainty , but uncertainty is unavoidable because the system we have set up to be able to predict what will happen in the future and the system we have set up to measure the past, does not do this well.

BraKetVue library

Here more notes. And even more.

Equations in general

Not only we can have Vue components, but also regular equations in \(\LaTeX\), e.g.:

\[\left| \psi \right\rangle = \frac{\left| 0 \right\rangle - \left| 1 \right\rangle}{\sqrt{2}}\]


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As of now, source code is at

We should ref or consider:

This is not a convential rainbow color scale, which is nominally considered harmful, but a cubehelix rainbow with improved perceptual properties.