Piotr Migdał

New blog - moving from Medium to Gridsome

29 December 2022 | by Piotr Migdał | 3 min read

Welcome to my new blog!

I redesigned a few things - but the biggest change is that I moved here posts from various sources.


Picking Gridsome

Gridsome is a Vue-based static site generator. It was a no-brainer to go for static sites - much easier to write and deploy, and I don't need any server. Also, for evergreen content, it is likely to stay much longer.

Gatsby, which is React-based, is way more popular and actively developed. I am all for the React philosophy, including that it uses JavaScript for templating rather than some made-up syntax. Yet, in Gatsby the simplest things (such as blog post routing) there are many ways to go. It felt like giving me tools rather than solutions. In a contrast, in Gridsome things worked out of the box.

So, I picked Gridsome. I already use Vue (especially in Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap). And it just works.

Moving from Jekyll

This one was easy. Just a few path changes, both for content and internal links. A few regular expressions did the job.

Moving from Medium

Medium is a blog posting platform. Anyone can create an account and start writing.


For some time a lot of tech community started writing there, myself included. Now it has less favorable opinions - to the point that the Hackers News crowd seems to hate Medium. I share some (but not all) of the concerns. However:

So, to be clear - I don't boycott anything. My Medium blog posts stay there, I even link them here. But all of the changes

Moreover, if you want to write your first post, I recommend Medium by all means!


Moving from Medium needed a few steps:

If I had to do it for the second time, I guess I would write my own library for turning Medium posts into Markdown suitable for Gridsome (or any other static blog).

What's next?

The source is here https://github.com/stared/stared.github.io.