Piotr Migdał, PhD - freelancing in data analysis, processing and interactive visualization (a “data scientist”, to put it fashionably).

PhD from ICFO - Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, Castelldefels (Barcelona) with thesis Symmetries and self-similarity of many-body wavefunctions under supervision of Maciej Lewenstein and Javi Rodriguez-Laguna. Originally from Bielsko-Biała (southern Poland). Alumnus of the University of Warsaw (Phys + Maths), KFnrD and RSI2005.

Dedicated to education of gifted schoolchildren and organization of bottom-up activities. In free time enjoys photography, hiking and coding. Dreams about revolutionizing how science and education are being done. Loves good e-mails.

My list of a academic publications (quantum optics & information, complex systems, mathematical psychology):